Arresting Language (2017), TRT 7 min


“Arresting Language, ” is an audio story that interweaves the personal narratives of three women living in North Tulsa, a predominantly African-American area of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who have been charged with child abuse or neglect in a state that leads the nation in women’s incarceration. The women's stories examine the culture that leads to the most widely-interpreted laws in the country for child abuse,  and share ways in which their community has been profiled for these particular offenses, and the lasting repercussions on the family.

“Arresting Language,” is a project made in collaboration with artists and writers Jennifer Hope Davy, and Crystal Z. Campbell, and Tulsa-based public defender organization, Still She Rises, for the John Hope Franklin National Symposium on Art and Reconciliation. Portions of this story have been featured here on Public Radio Tulsa.